Academic translation & proofreading

While many of my academic clients have an excellent command of English, the writing standard required by international academic journals is demanding and calls for professional translation or proofreading. I can help you by translating or proofreading your book chapters, research proposals, articles, conference papers and presentations and ensuring they meet the journal standards.

“Ailish has translated and proofread numerous texts of mine over the past three years and she has always done an impeccable job. High ranking journals such as Positions: Asia Critique have accepted my academic articles based on her proofreading, and her work also helped me to present research projects to apply for post-doctoral grants such as the Marie Sklodowska-Curie and the British Academy. Her manner, availability and efficiency when performing her work have always been excellent”

Ferran de Vargas – Doctor in Intercultural Studies

“Ailish has always demonstrated excellent professionalism, carrying out the projects she is assigned with the utmost quality, meeting the established deadlines and always willing to solve any problems that arise swiftly and efficiently. Her dedication, availability and expertise in all the tasks carried out make her an ideal professional for any institution or company that may need her services as an English translator or proofreader”

Jesús Sayols – UAB

“For me it’s a pleasure to work with Ailish because she is very professional and careful in her work. She understands translation as a dialogue in which the translator does not work unilaterally, but shares the key decisions and different possibilities with the person who has written the text”

Gerard Coll-Planas – Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia

Translation & proofreading in other fields

I have more than 12 years’ experience translating and editing books, travel and tourism documents, blogs and websites ensuring my clients’ voices and messages are successfully, naturally and faithfully transmitted in English, and reach their audience. I take pride in developing a close dialogue with each client, and it is one of my favourite parts of my job.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to expand your business abroad? Do you want to publish your website contents and communicate your brand in English? Do you want to make your services available to an English-speaking audience, or to reach out through your website, blog, newsletter or Instagram posts?

“Since meeting Ailish more than four years ago, I have continuously trusted her with any translation I have needed. Whatever the content type or the complexity of the text, Ailish has always known how to solve it seamlessly, understanding the specific needs of each case. She is an excellent professional and a pleasure to work with”

Alba Benítez Campos – Branding and social media consultant

“Since 2008 we have collaborated with Ailish, an outstanding professional in the field of linguistic services in English, both as a translator from Catalan and Spanish to English and as an English proofreader. We have worked with her on the translation of texts for museums, brochures, webpages, reports and other types of texts, as well as on subtitling projects. Both we as an agency, and our direct clients, are very satisfied with the quality of her translations and with her professionalism and punctuality. We have every intention of continuing to work with her in the future and we highly recommend her to other professionals”

Subtil – Comunicació i Accessibilitat

Audiovisual translation

I can translate your scripts and create and translate subtitles for your documentaries, films and online courses. Nowadays subtitles are a must for many reasons: to reach a larger audience, to be inclusive and accessible, to spread important and global messages. I love being a part of this crossing of cultures.


I can transcribe the content of your English audio recordings or do a live transcription of your online meetings or classes.

“We have worked regularly with Ailish for years. She handles translation and subtitling perfectly and we trust her fully in both fields. Ailish’s work is a guarantee of satisfaction for our clients”.




  • Translation and proofreading of academic articles for publication in the fields of social science, psychology, gender studies, film studies, anthropology, education and business.
  • Subtitling of documentaries, films, online courses (art, illustration, photography, narrative writing, social media).
  • Translation of NGO documentation.
  • Translation of government-funded projects.
  • Translation of blog and website contents (yoga, nutrition, health and wellbeing).
  • Translation of menus.
  • Translation of the book "A Goddess in Motion: Visual Creativity in the Cult of María Lionza" by Roger Canals.
  • Transcription of interviews, conferences, meetings, online classes.
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